About Us

What We Do

Armstrong Associates offers a full range of editorial, communications and publishing services to clients with a local, regional, national and international presence. Our associates include scientists and researchers, writers, editors, proofreaders, indexers, graphic designers and other publishing specialists. 

Our Clients

We serve publishers, businesses and individuals; research, educational and academic institutions; and nonprofit and governmental organizations.

The Associates

Betsy & Richard are extensively published snow scientists, researchers, 

authors, and lecturers. Betsy was a Colorado Avalanche Information 

Center avalanche forecaster and co-author of The Avalanche Book. She is a specialist in the cryosphere and an experienced publisher and 

scientific editor. Richard was the Director of the University of Colorado 

INSTAAR San Juan Avalanche Project and is presently Senior Research 

Scientist at CIRES , National Snow & Ice Data Center, University of

 Colorado, Boulder.